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Cinnamon Weave Bread

Did I mention I’m in a baking craze? There are simply too many lovely creations to try. I saw this beautiful weave bread from @stemsandforks on Pinterest and just had to make one myself.

I used my usual sweet yeast dough (the recipe is in my Rhubarb rolls post), and filled it with traditional Swedish cinnamon bun filling. You can find a step by step instruction in my Story highlights on how to weave it. It’s a lot easier than it looks, I promise you. Happy baking!

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One thought on “Cinnamon Weave Bread
  1. This bread looks absolutely stunning, Mimmi! I am always admiring these creations on Pinterest and I think it’s high time I made one myself. I am loving your sweet yeast dough – thanks so much for sharing!

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