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Saffron Braid

Today is Twelfth Night, which means that the Christmas season is officially coming to an end. So I’ll show you my last saffron bread, this one baked as a braid. I used the same dough as previously with silken tofu (you’ll find the recipe in my Saffron Wreath post).

To make the braid, I rolled out three squares of dough and spread them with vegan butter, almond paste and crushed almonds. Next, I rolled each square, and using a sharp knife I carefully cut along the top of each roll, just through the first two layers of dough. Then I pinched the three ends of the rolls together, and braided the rolls and pinched the end tightly and tucked it in underneath the braid on both sides. I brushed it with oat milk and sprinkled it with flaked almonds and caster sugar. I covered it with a tea towel to let it rise another 20 minutes before baking it at 255 C for about 17-20 minutes.

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